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Our wall mounted retractable barriers come in a range of belt lengths of 2.3M to 9.1M with many tape lengths in between. These belt barriers offer the ideal solution for areas where you need an extendable wall mount to cover doorways, entrances, exits, loading bays and walkways without using floor space. You can get a range of tensabarrier belt options including safety chevron designs, plain colours and safety message webbing including no entry and caution tape options. For areas where you need extra crowd control, it is worth noting our double belt wall mounted option. The wall mount tensa barrier also comes with an array of other optional belt end options including emergency breakaway, magnetic and s clip solutions. We also provide magnetic mounted barriers, removable, rack mounted, clamp mounted and glass mounted barriers alongside our standard wall mounted option.

  • Budget Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 2.3M & 3M

    From: £39.00 ex VAT
  • Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3M, 3M, 3.9M & 4.6M

    From: £37.00 ex VAT
  • Medium Wall Mounted Tensabarrier® 2.3M & 3.65M

    From: £58.00 ex VAT
  • Extra Large Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 4.6M, 6.1M, 7.6M & 9.1M

    From: £59.00 ex VAT
  • Large Wall Mounted Tensabarrier® 4.6M, 7.7M & 9M

    From: £61.00 ex VAT
  • Double Belt Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3M & 3M

    From: £62.00 ex VAT
  • Extra Wide 75mm Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 2.3M

    From: £58.00 ex VAT
  • Recessed Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3M, 3M & 3.9M

    From: £48.00 ex VAT