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The warehouse rack mounted retractable belt barriers provide an excellent solution for large warehouse and production facilities. The barrier can be mounted quickly and easily by simply hooking it onto your storage racking, allowing you to move it between aisles and to different points within aisles as required. These barriers come with a huge range of plain and chevron tape styles and an array of safety messages to cover most warehouse needs. The rack mounted barrier is often combined with a magnetic tape end that can connect with metal surfaces or a sclip tape end that can be wrapped around a rack post and clipped back on itself.

Once on the product page, simply click under the ‘VIEW OTHER MOUNT & TAPE END OPTIONS’ section above the add to cart button to view and choose these options.

  • Extra Large Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 3.9M, 4.6M, 6.1M, 7.6M & 9.1M

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