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Safety Barrier Stands

Our range of retractable safety barrier stands and stanctions are ideal for all environments including industrial, medical, warehouse and public spaces where you may need permanent or temporary barriers for health & safety reasons. They are highly visible and come with a selection of chevron design, high visibility webbing. There is also a variery of printed safety message tape on most models including no entry, danger keep out, authorised access only, danger forklift trucks, ESD Protected area and more. Compatible sign holders can be added for custom or extra message options.

  • Budget Safety Retractable Barrier Stand 3.4M

    From: £56.00 ex VAT
  • Warehouse Safety Retractable Barrier Stand 2.3M

    From: £74.00 ex VAT
  • Budget Safety Twin Retractable Barrier Stand 3.4M

    From: £79.00 ex VAT
  • Outdoor Hollow Base Retractable Barrier Stand 3.65M

    From: £65.00 ex VAT
  • Heavy Duty Steel Retractable Belt Barrier Stand 3.4M & 4.9M

    From: £69.00 ex VAT
  • Ultra Durable Plastic Retractable Barrier Stand 3.65 Metres

    From: £85.00 ex VAT
  • Twin Belt Heavy Duty Steel Retractable Barrier Stand 3.4M

    From: £95.00 ex VAT
  • Cone Mount Retractable Belt Barrier 3M & 3.65M

    From: £29.00 ex VAT
  • Traffic Cone Mounted Retractable Barrier 3.65M

    £42.00 ex VAT