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Our magnetic mounted belt barriers are the perfect solution for when you want to fix your tensabarrier to a metal surface. There are also other tape end options to suit this solution, including magnetic tape ends and s clip ends, alongside our standard and panic break ends. Tensabarrier tape lengths are from 2.3M to 9.1M and come with a range of safety message options including caution, danger and no entry messages, plain colours and chevron designs.

To choose the magnetic mount option simply click under the ‘VIEW OTHER MOUNT & TAPE END OPTIONS’ header. Here you can choose your mount type and belt end type quickly and easily.

  • Budget Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 2.3M & 3M

    From: £39.00 ex VAT
  • Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3M, 3M, 3.9M & 4.6M

    From: £37.00 ex VAT
  • Extra Large Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 4.6M, 6.1M, 7.6M & 9.1M

    From: £59.00 ex VAT
  • Large Wall Mounted Tensabarrier® 4.6M, 7.7M & 9M

    From: £61.00 ex VAT
  • Double Belt Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3M & 3M

    From: £62.00 ex VAT
  • Extra Wide 75mm Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 2.3M

    From: £58.00 ex VAT