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Budget Wall Mounted Belt Barrier 2.3M & 3M

£39.00 ex VAT

The budget wall mounted barrier is designed to provide a versatile solution for small to medium spaces. Perfect for health and safety needs and warehouse or industrial spaces it comes with a wide selection of safety messaged webbing, visible chevron designs and plain retractable belts in 3 handy sizes; 2.3M, 3M & 3.9M. It also offers a handy selection of mounting options including magnetic mounts, clamp mounts and removable mounts along with different tape ends designed to suit more complex needs. Receiver wall clip included with every (standard tape end) unit.

  • 1. Choose Your Belt Length

    *Belt Length

    • +£3
    2. Choose Your Finish


    • +£3
    3. Choose Your Belt Type
    4. Choose Your Belt Design
    • +£4
    • +£4
    • +£4
    • +£4
    • +£4
    • +£4
    4. Choose Your Message Belt

    + £8

    + £10

    Info: messages are repeated along the belt & printed on both sides, back to space.

    5. Choose Your Mount Type
    • +£28
    • +£30
    • +£36
    6. Choose Your Tape End
    • +£10
    • +£17
    • +£7
    7. Choose Your Clamp Size
    • 20-50mm Diameter
    • 40-80mm Diameter
    • 70-120mm Diameter
    • 110-170mm Diameter
    • To Be Determined
    Please Note: Your order will be put on hold until you email us with your chosen clamp size.
    Optional Extra
    • Extra Removable Plate

      £32.00 ex VAT
      SKU: WPRP
    Optional Extra
    • Extra Wall Receiver Clip

      £7.00 ex VAT
      SKU: B2GRC01
    Optional Extra
    • Steel Receiver Plate

      £7.00 ex VAT
      SKU: Steel Plate for BE-BRK
    Optional Extra
    • Extra Steel Receiver Plate

      £7.00 ex VAT
      SKU: Plate for BE-BRK

Budget Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier

  • Popular tape length options of 2.3M or 3M
  • A choice of black or yellow plastic casing.
  • Wall clip included.
  • Safety retractable mechanism included.
  • 14 safety messages to choose from, 7 chevron designs, 1 striped design and 9 plain colours including 2 fluorescent colours for high visibility.
  • 4 mount options and 4 tape end options available designed for metal fixing, rack mounting, pole mounting and wall mounted needs. See below for details.
  • Option to also have alternative tape ends for magnetic and wrap around fixing.
  • Get it fast, order today and we will despatch tomorrow, subject to availability.

Belt Options

Message Belts

Plain Belts

Custom Belts

Minimum order 5 units
Lead time approx. 3 weeks from signed off artwork
(Allow for 4 weeks in total to be safe)

Belt Options

Plain Belts

Message Belts

Custom Belts

Minimum order 5 units
Lead time approx. 3 weeks from signed off artwork
(Allow for 4 weeks in total to be safe)

Mounting Options


Magnetic mounting offers the ideal solution for attaching your barrier to a metal surface.


If you need a temporary barrier in multiple locations then the removable barrier can save you time and money.


A versatile solution for poles and uprights, wrap it, clamp it and your barrier is mounted within seconds.


The standard option, wall mounted barrier simply screws into the wall for a permanent retractable belt barrier.

Tape End Options


Great for checkout areas, the magnetic tape end attaches to any metal surface.

S Clip

The S Clip tape end is ideal for areas when you simply just want to wrap it round a structure to fix.

Panic Break

Perfect for health and safety needs, this panic break offers a secure but fast breaking option in an emergency. Magnetic end and steel wall plate provide the most efficient solution for this need.

Suction Cup

This handy suction cup wall receiver clip offers a quick, easy and temporary solution to attach the end of your belt barrier onto a glass surface .


The standard tape end hooks onto the wall clip. This tape end and wall clip come with the budget wall mounted barrier as standard.

Budget Wall Mounted Barrier Specs

Cover Material Plastic
Connectivity 1 way
Retractable Tape Length 2.3M, 3M
Tape Width 50mm
Wall Mount Included
End Wall Clip Included
Environment Not suitable for outdoor use or maritime environments

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