We understand that there is a need for portable barriers in a number of settings, however we also see that this is a valuable space that is often overlooked. Who said barriers had to be ugly, plain and simply there to do a job.  Due to our strong partnerships with some of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the UK, we are able to provide incredibly flexible and innovative solutions to allow you to create the greatest impact with your barriers and signage.

We offer bespoke solutions for

Custom retractable barriers

custom retractable barriersHave your brand or safety message printed directly onto your retractable tape, not only is this visually stunning but the printing solution is engineered to last. The tape can be supplied in 50mm width or 100mm width. The barrier can be purchased in single line, or dual line with a range of background colours.

  • Safety first keep your staff and visitors safe with visual and effective safety messages that inform the public or workers what dangers lie behind the barrier.
  • Barriers are essential  to many business operations, we help those businesses maximise on this opportunity by advertising their brand, message or 3rd party sponsorship through bespoke printing.
Simply send your design to contact@barrier2go.com alongside the details on your chosen barriers and we can send you a quote based on your requirements
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