Double Belt Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier 2.3M, 3M, 3.9M & 4.6M

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nextdaysmThe twin wall mounted retractable belt barrier is the solution for areas where you need high visibility or to discourage staff or pedestrians from ducking underneath the barrier. Constructed in steal it is both a robust and versatile barrier option that can be mounted on the wall or other surfaces with an array of different mounting options. This barrier is available in 2 colours and 2.3M, 3M, 3.9M or 4.6M lengths of retractable double belts, with a variety of webbing colours, patterns and safety message options. Next day despatch is also available subject to availability. Receiver Wall clips included with every unit.

Please note: the item pictured is the 2.3M & 3M version we are currently awaiting images for the larger version.

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The Double Belt Wall Mounted Barrier Features;

  • Twin retractable barrier belts in 2.3M, 3M, 3.9M or 4.6M
  • Easier to install and cheaper than 2 separate mounts with a compact and durable steel design to minimise obstruction in small spaces such as corridors and doorways.
  • Barrier finish is available in black or high visibility yellow for safety applications
  • All barriers come with receiver wall clips where applicable, there are no hidden extras
  • Extra choice of mounting options, including magnetic mount for metal surface mounting, removable mount for temporary needs and clamp mount for pillars.
  • Tape end options include standard, magnetic, s clip and panic break tape end options with relevant fittings
  • This double belt barrier features a safe retracting belt system as do all our models for peace of mind.
  • Choose the webbing you need easily from our from a large variety of coloured, patterned or safety message retractable tapes, you can also have different tapes on your barrier such as a no entry message on the top and chevron on the bottom.
  • Clamp mounts and s clip ends are also available for mounting around posts and uprights.
  • Custom webbing printing is also available for orders of 5 units or more.

 Belt Options

Custom Retractable Tape – MOQ 5

If you need a custom solution for your retractable tape, then look no further. You can add your logo or desired message in full colour on both sides. To discuss your requirements or get a quote simply  Contact Us

Mounting Options


Magnetic Mount

This option is fitted with 2 magnetic mounts so that you can securely but easily attach your barrier to a metal surface.


Removable Mount

If you only need your barrier in each location temporarily then the removable mount offers the perfect solution. It comes with wall plates that you screw into the wall that allow you to simply slip your barrier in and out of as needed. There is also the option to buy extra wall plates and receiver clips for multiple location placement.


Clamp Mount

The clamp mount option offers a great solution when you need to attach your barrier to an upright such as a pillar. It comes with 2 clamp mounts for the top and the bottom of the barrier to allow for secure fixing of the duel belt barrier unit.


Wall Mount

This is the option supplied as standard for a permanent wall mounted barrier. Simply screw in the wall plates and you have a robust and versatile retractable barrier solution.

Tape End Options



If you need your retractable barrier to be extended and then fixed to a metal surface then the magnetic tape end offers an ideal solution. This will be attached to both belts.


S Clip

The S Clip tape end is suitable for areas where the barrier needs to be extended and wrapped around an object such as a warehouse rack or pillar. You simply wrap the retractable belt around your upright and then hook it back onto the webbing. Again if ordered this will be attached to both belts.


Panic Break

Panic break tape ends offer a quick release solution in emergency situations. It is comprised of a magnetic tape and and wall plate. A simple but effective safety solution.



The standard tape ends are supplied with 2 wall mount receiver clips that you can screw into the receiving wall. Extra wall clips are also available to purchase if you require your barrier to be placed in multiple locations.

Double Belt Wall Mounted Barrier Specs

Case Material Metal
Connectivity 1 way
Tape Length 2.3M, 3M, 3.9M, 4.6M
Tape Width 50mm
Weight 1.6kg (1.7kg for 3.9 & 4.6M model)
Wall Mounts Included
End Wall Clips Included


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