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Extra Long Heavy Duty Retractable Belt Barrier Post 10.6M

£138.00 ex VAT

This extra long Heavy duty retractable belt barrier provides more barrier for your money with an amazingly ultra long 10.6M retractable belt. Less cost and faster set up times make this a fantastic solution for barriers that will be set up at multiple locations. Suitable for warehouse applications, this retractable belt barrier features a handy belt lock to keep the tape taut over longer distances and a detachable rubber base that can resist having heavy items dropped on it and even being run over. Due to the construction of the top and extra long webbing this barrier should not be left outside or used in high traffic or windy areas where it may be blown over. The price indicated is for a single stand with belt.

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    + £44

    Info: messages are repeated along the belt & printed on both sides, back to space.

    • Wall Receiver Clip

      £7.00 ex VAT

      This clip is screwed onto the wall, allowing for a receiver point for your belt without the need to purchase an extra barrier stand. Dimensions are approximately 1.5cm x 10cm (depending on batch)

      SKU: RC01

Extra Long Heavy Duty Belt Barrier Post Features

  • This extra long retractable belt barrier allows for 10.6M belts in plain colours or chevron patterns and  message webbing. Save money with less barriers. Please Note: not all message webbing is available in 10.6M however most designs are available in 9.1M, therefore if you see a message you want pictured here but it is not listed in the options, please contact us as we may be able to provide it for you in a shorter length.
  • The top features a belt lock that helps to keep the barrier tape taut over long distances.
  • Comes in a vibrant yellow colour for extra visibility and safety applications.
  • Also available with a orange, red and black finish.
  • Heavy duty base that can be driven over, kicked, heavy items dropped on it, walked over or anything else and it will stay in shape.
  • This barrier is highly portable, easily screw on the base on and off the post and move with handy carry handles.
  • Features one tape slot and 3 recieving areas, this allows for 4 way connection.
  • Plain coloured retractable tape, chevron designs and even safety messages makes this the longest and most versatile barrier on the market.
  • Next day dispatch subject to availability.
  • This extra long belt barrier makes a great solution for warehouses, loading bays, airports and other transport terminals.


This heavy duty base is made from recycled rubber and is designed to resist being driven over which is the one major concern in transport and warehouse environments. Handy carry handles allow the base to be moved easily.


This barrier consists of a  coated stainless steel post with plastic extra long belt topping, this belt barrier can be easily screwed on and off the base.

Custom Webbing

Minimum order 5 units
Lead time approx. 3 weeks from signed off artwork
(Allow for 4 weeks in total to be safe)

Custom Colour Barrier Posts

Minimum order 10 units
Lead time approx. 2-3 weeks

Standard Tape Options

Extra Long Heavy Duty Belt Barrier Post Specs

Please Note: Due to the extra long length of webbing it may bow slightly in the middle once fully extended.

Weight 11 Kgs
Post Material Steel with plastic top
Base Material Tough Recycled Rubber
Connects 4 connection points, 3 receiving slots
Webbing Length 10.6M
Webbing Width 50mm
Environment Temporary outdoor use okay, however we recommend that you do not to leave the barrier outdoors permanently or unattended and avoid windy areas or conditions. We also recommend that you also do not leave this barrier where it may be knocked over due to the top construction. Not suitable for maritime environments.

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