Large Wall Mounted Tensabarrier® 4.6M, 7.7M & 9M

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4-6dayfullbarrier2goThis extra long 4.6M, 7.7M & 9M wall mounted tensa barrier is the perfect choice for those who need to restrict access to a larger space, for instance, loading bays, bus station bays, large manufacturing spaces or extra large entrances. These large barriers are a popular choice for warehouse, transport and production facilities management. With both a range of safety message, plain and chevron designs alongside a variety of mounting options, this barrier is versatile and the ideal solution for most needs. Receiver Wall clip included with every unit.

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The Extra Large Wall Mounted Tensabarrier®

  • A choice of 4.6M, 7.7M or 9M length webbing
  • Large selection of different colour and chevron design webbing
  • Choice of red, yellow or black wall mounted barrier case
  • Slow retraction patented braking feature
  • Includes wall clips
  • Perfect for large areas where a barrier is needed without taking up floor space.
  • Variation of mounting and tape end solutions available to suit any need including warehouse rack, magnetic, clamp, glass and removable mounts.
  • Safety Printed Webbing & bespoke printed webbing is also available with no minimum order.
  • 4-6 day lead time

 Belt Options


Bespoke Webbing – No Min Order

Need a custom message or design? Then you can take advantage of our bespoke printing service to create any retractable belt solution you desire. To find out more or get a quote

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Other Mounting Options

Magnetic Mount

Three strong magnets provide a secure fastening to any metal surface, but with a turn and pull action, the unit can easily be removed and then resited as required.

Rack Mount

The rack mounted barrier can be mounted quickly and easily by simply hooking it onto your storage racking, allowing you to move it between aisles as required.

Clamp Mount

The clamp mounted barrier allows you to mount your barrier to a pole, shelving unit or any other upright.  It is securely mounted by tightening the screws on the jubilee clip, and as such can be easily moved to different areas.

Glass Mount

The glass mounted barrier has very strong adhesive pads that affix it to any glass surface perfect for windowed areas such as lobbies, escalators or large retail spaces.

Removable Mount

The removable wall barrier offers a semi-permanent solution if you need to move your barrier to multiple locations. The unit simply slides onto a fixed mounting plate. Extra wall plates are also available.

Wall Mount

The standard wall mounts screws into the wall for a permanent fixing. This is the most widely used mounted retractable barrier solution and is ideas for work areas, doorways, loading bays and other applications.

Tape End Options


Contains a magnet, so that the belt can be attached to a metal surface.

Wire Clip

Secures the belt by looping around an object & clipping back on the webbing.

Panic Break

Provides a panic breakaway in both directions for a fast exit in an emergency, supplied with wall receiver.


Standard tape end with wall mounted receiver.

xtra large wall mounted retractable barrier specs

Extra Large Wall Mounted Tensabarrier® Specs

Case Material Plastic
Connectivity 1 way
Tape Length 4.6M, 7.7M or 9M
Tape Width 50mm
Wall Mount Included
End Wall Clip Included

Please be aware that due to gravity, the longer length of webbing used within this unit may bow slightly towards the middle.


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