Cone Mount Retractable Belt Barrier 3M & 3.65M

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nextdaysmThe cone mount retractable belt barrier is cheap solution for public areas where you need to stop the public walking into a space and a traffic cone alone just won’t do the job. Protect the public and your company from potential legal claims with this simple yet effective safety belt barrier solution. This barrier can be mounted onto traffic cones within seconds and is available in yellow and orange with 3M or 3.65M length belts.

The price stated is per barrier unit, traffic cone not included.

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Cone Mount Retractable Belt Barrier 3M & 3.65M

  • Comes with 2 highly visibility options yellow with yellow and black chevron webbing and orange with red and white chevron webbing.
  • Two handy lengths of 3M and 3,65M retractable belt
  • Heavy duty nylon belt designed to withstand harsh environments.
  • 4 Connection points allow for versatility in your barrier space design.
  • Breaking mechanism provides slow retraction making it safe for your staff to use.
  • Simply pop it onto a traffic cone within seconds to make a fast, light and instant crowd control solution.
  • It is ideal for health and safety applications and is currently used in a number of industries for example;
    • In schools, retail outlets and other public spaces to place around spill and avoid accidents.
    • In construction and repair works to stop the public entering a hazardous space.
    • In road repair situations to avoid people walking into potholes or as a clear indicator for traffic to go around an area.
    • parking areas for reserved spaces or traffic guidance
    • Warehouses and manufacturing environments to cordon off areas with forklift trucks, machinery under repair and dangerous areas.
    • Airports for passenger guidance during boarding and general maintenance and repair situations.
    • Loading and refueling operations to avoid access and and protect equipment.


Cone Mount Barrier Specs

Weight 0.45 Kgs
Case construction yellow or orange thick durable plastic.
Connects 4 ways
Webbing Length 3M or 3.65Metres
Webbing Width 50mm
Compatible with Most standard traffic cones


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